The Complete Chronicles of Conan

Howard's captivating compilation of Conan adventures

For years I’ve been hoping and wishing they would continue the Conan franchise. I can’t even believe it has taken this long to finally get it back on the big screen.

The coming of Conan - 24th July 2011

Two successful Conan films were made, both starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just happens to be my favourate “actor”. These were Conan the Barbarian, in1982,  followed by Conan the Destroyer in 1984. The films were very successful films and to me, Arnold was the incarnation of Conan. Having read Robert E. Howard‘s depiction of the barbarian in The Complete Chronicles of Conan, I think there was nobody at that time that could have done the character justice as he did. It wasn’t just about looking the part. It was the charisma, confidence and humour which is present in Howard’s character which Arnold captured.

Over the last few years, there were a few rumours about another Conan film being made. I recall hearing Arnold stepping back into the sandals again as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson possibly picking up where Arnold left off. Personally, I think Johnson would have been an excellent choice for the part.

It wasn’t until the end of 2010 that I heard that the franchise finally got the green light. Naturally, I was excited all over again but my excitement was also filled with scepticism after learning that neither Schwarzenegger or Johnson were involved in the project.

The new star is to be Jason Momoa and it will be directed by Marcus Nispel. I think Marcus is making a name for himself as a remake master. Having already remade The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday 13th, Conan will be his latest in a line of films to be adapted to today’s audience.

To remake a film like this is a tremendous undertaking. The originals are classics, and it will be hard to do them justice. What I would hate is for it to be a one off attempt. The original stories could keep directors busy for generations to come so for Crom‘s sake I hope they stick to it.

As for Momoa, he certainly looks the par. His face is more like how Conan would look than Arnold but I think he would look better if he added another 50 pounds of muscle! I don’t know too much about him, apart from reading he was in Stargate Atlantis, among other TV projects. If this film does well, I’m sure he will gain favour of Arnold fans everywhere and carry the Conan torch, hopefully for a few more sequels.

Today, I read that Arnold himself has seen the movie and given it his blessing! Jason has big shoes to fill in this role and I, like many other Arnold fans, hope he fits them well. My fingers are crossed for him and I pray to Crom for his success!

I will be reviewing it soon enough so keep checking the blog. Conan the Barbarian 3D is in theatres August 24th.

Jason Momoa Conan talks about Conan

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